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Although prostate cancer is generally blastic and multiple myeloma usually lytic, most other tumors have a mixed appearance. Oftentimes, small holes result from osteolysis. These holes in the bone are referred to as osteolytic lesions or lytic lesions. Lytic lesions can weaken the bones and increase the risk of breakage or other problems.

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Osteolytic metastases are the most common, representing about 75% of all metastatic lesions. The primary source is usually a carcinoma of the kidney, lung, breast, gastrointestinal tract, and thyroid . 2020-06-07 2019-10-01 Bone metastases occur when cancer cells from the primary tumors relocate to the bones. This paper presents a computer aided detection system to identify lytic bone metastases in the thoracolumbar No significant differences in aggregate modulus or hydraulic permeability were found between lytic metastases of different types. These data are useful for the development of models to simulate the behavior of the metastatically involved skeleton using theoretical or finite-element analysis techniques and also have significance for developing effective tumor–drug-transport models. Metastases from a primary renal tumour will always demonstrate lytic lesions Breast primary often develops lytic metastases Multiple sclerotic lesions, particularly in the pelvis (in an elderly man) will usually have prostate primary Lytic metastases were characterized by over-activity in a genetic signal called pAKT and its larger signaling pathway called PI3K-AKT, both of which have been targets for drug development in other 2019-12-01 The system achieves a sensitivity of 83 % at 3.5 false positives per patient on average for blastic metastases and a sensitivity of 88 % at 3.7 false positives for lytic metastases.

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Cases I and II are characteristic examples (Figs. 1 and 2).

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Lytic metastases

2017-08-14 Lytic vs blastic in the "lead kettle" PB-KTL mnemonic. By knowing the typical behavior of the metastatic lesion - lytic or blastic - you can help sort between the types to make the mnemonic even more useful. prostate = blastic/sclerotic (induces bone growth) breast = mixed pattern; kidney, thyroid, lung = lytic (induces bone destruction) It is necessary to prescribe the mechanical properties of tumor tissue when modeling the metastatically involved skeleton for clarifying the mechanisms of fracture. This study provides mechanical property data for lytic bone metastases.

Normal bone is constantly being remodeled, or broken down and rebuilt. Lytic bone metastases occur in the following cancers: renal, lung, breast, thyroid, melanoma, chordoma, paraganglioma, GI tract, urothelial, ovarian, melanoma, chordoma, and paraganglioma. Blastic bone metastases occur in the following cancers: prostate, breast, carcinoid, lung, GI, bladder, nasopharynx, and pancreas. Lytic bone metastasis. Bone metastases.
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In one third of the cases, however, and in most patients with carcinoid tumours, the metastases are sclerotic (2). Some patients with bone metastases from lung cancer develop excentrically lytic lesions with one-sided destruction of cortical bone (22).

Methods: We retrospectively evaluated the CADe system on 20 consecutive patients with 42 lytic and on 30 consecutive patients with 172 blastic metastases. 2012-06-20 · Expansile, lytic and hypermetabolic bone lesions not always metastatic cancer. Issue: June 2012.
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